Tuesday, August 9, 2011

48 Hours

They told us we couldn’t make an animated short within a 48 hour time limit using last minute information while working out of a cramped hotel room and lobby on no sleep and little more than some pizza and sugar fueling our absurd lust for cinematic madness. “That’s just the way we likes it” we told them. Armed with a ridiculous plot pulled from desperation and a team of talented non-animators, we were able to create a story, literally like no other. In a fog of grainy, cookie-cutter indie films that have you once again wondering how anyone thought the mess you’re witnessing on the big screen was a good idea, “Apple Rain” stands as the lighthouse guiding the viewers safely into a harbor of comedic delight and laugh-‘til-you-piss-yourself enjoyment. This animated jewel would not have existed had it not been for the incredible talent and efforts donated by our amazing team. Thank you Will, Steven, Paul, Mark and Lisa for bringing this twisted dream to life. Never before has a movie about apples tasted so good.

The battlefield!

Mark Dufrenne (roosting)

Steven Brown (we put this kid through the ringer)

Will Blagg (about to lay the apple smackdown)

Pauly Condon (probably looking for just the right cabin! LOL)

Matt and the Storyboard

I love this guy! We had phun! -Nick

Apple Rain

Our entry for the 48 Hour Film Festival!

It was written, drawn and animated, oh and edited in 48 hours (August 5th - 7th).


Nicholaus Mueller
Matt Olin
Lisa Mueller

Directed By:

Nicholaus Mueller and Matt Olin

Character Design and Artwork:

Matt Olin


Nicholaus Mueller
Will Blagg

Compositing/Editor/ Music/ Voicework:

Steven Brown

Photoshop and Voicework:

Mark Dufrenne
Will Blagg
Paul Condon

Stay tuned for a write up and behind the scenes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A bit of history

Here's a look back at an early strip that eventually evolved from the hand drawn strips that were done using highlighters and pens during a day-job meeting, into the extraordinary digital masterpieces that have perhaps captured your hearts.

Stay with us on this journey to an animated utopia that will be sure to have free balloons.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Neville has decided he needs a break from the hustle and bustle of his jet setting life. He sets out to visit his brother Finnigan in the country. Though they have not seen each other for nearly 9 years, they are kin. Through and through.

A deep, moving depiction of the bonds that cannot be broken by time. This film will move you.